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Nature’s Fridge is a freshfood platform. Every day, we make fresh salads, sandwiches, wraps, bowls, and healthy snacks from our commercial kitchen right here in Auckland. As soon as the meals are ready, they are loaded into our refrigerated vehicles and delivered to our network of smart fridges throughout the city before lunch.

Our story

At Nature’s Fridge we create real food, using fresh ingredients, the old-fashioned way. This means that all our salads, sandwiches, wraps, snacks and bowls are made from scratch each morning in our kitchen. No shortcuts! We really do believe that happiness begins in your gut. Eating real foods, rich in nutrients and as close to their natural state as possible, not only supports your health, but boosts the health of the local farming community.

We’re run by a young and agile team of fresh food enthusiasts passionate about making fresh and wholesome food as convenient as possible. We designed our kiosks with a mammoth touch screen so you can clearly see your options. All the ingredients are listed next to each item, along with the nutritional information and allergens. We also sell separate portions of chicken breast, boiled eggs, and cheese to add to your favourite salad or bowl. With food safety as our top priority, Nature’s fridge has a short production and delivery channel that always maintains the cold chain.

We thrive on trying new ideas and adapting our menus with the seasons. We want to make affordable, delicious, and nutritious meals accessible to everyone, at any time and place they choose. We work closely with nutritionists, chefs, and local producers here in New Zealand to create seasonal meals that are not only healthy, but delicious! Fresh, nutritious and delicious food is our promise to you.

Making fresh food convenient

We choose the best and freshest NZ produce

Part of our mission is to support local farmers here in Aotearoa. We work with a handful of local suppliers to bring you the best selection of fresh-picked and top-quality vegetables, proteins and grains, guaranteed.

We prepare healthy, delicious meals daily in our kitchen

Fresh food never tasted so good! We work closely with nutritionists and chefs to design seasonal and delicious salads, wraps, sandwiches, and healthy snacks for you to enjoy when and where you like.

We deliver these fresh meals daily to a Nature's Fridge

We’re taking the hard work out of fresh and healthy food. Our meals are made from scratch in our kitchen and delivered fresh to a Nature’s Fridge near you. No shortcuts!

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